2013 Podcasts

Interview With a Werewolf: writer/director Doug Bari on “Faux Paws”

Brian Wimer on CLAWs and Paws

In “Hard Way Home” director Kori Feener hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, filming her experience and the people she met along the way.

Matt Jones, novelist and screenwriter of “A Single Shot”

Director Robert Griffith and “Seasons with Brian and Julia”

“Political Bodies” with director Christopher Englese

Award-Winning Screenwriter Brian Weakland

“Misa’s Fugue” with Sean Gaston

On “Charlie Countryman” with director Fredrik Bond and producer Ron Yerxa

“William and the Windmill” director Ben Nabors

“Remote Area Medical” with director Farihah Zaman

Jorma Taccone and Will Forte

2012 Podcasts

Sprague Theobold talks about his documentary The Other Side of the Ice, chronicling a personal journey through the NorthWest Passage

The Harvest: A Story about Giving is a documentary by Gabriel DeLoach that follows three children with life-threatening medical conditions as they fulfill their wish to hunt wild game.

Dan Mirvish is the director and writer of Between Us, a film based on an off-Broadway play.

Conversation with House Hunting writer-director Eric Hurt, producer Pat Cassidy and producer and casting director Erica Arvold.

Marc Singer, star of House Hunting, talks about his long career as a TV star and Shakespearean actor.

Actor and Charlottesville native Billy Campbell talks about his role in Fat Kid Rules the World, a film by director Matthew Lillard

Director, screenwriter, and producer Joseph Weindl talks about Antihero, his film about a slacker with a super power

A conversation with Zac Grigg, first-time director of Willie, his documentary about Willie Greenough, an autistic man

A conversation with screenwriter Brian Lee Weakland, one of three winners of the 2012 Virginia Screenwriting Competition

Eduardo Montes-Bradley on Julian Bond: Reflections from the Frontlines of the Civil Rights Movement

Animator Elyse Kelly talks about Mira’s Night, an animated short about a girl who puts the stars in the sky.

Actor Todd Fletcher plays a filmmaker in Portrait of a Zombie, a movie about a working-class Irish family that has a zombie for a son.

A talk with Aaron Ferrington, director of Faces In The Mirror, a film co-produced, written by, and starring Boyd Tinsley.

Doug and Judy Bari talk about The Dog Stays in the Picture, a documentary that tells the story of their beloved Boston Terrier.

Virginia Film Festival Director Jody Kielbasa kicks off our coverage

Jody Keilbasa and Wes Harris on the October 28 Wake Up Call on WNRN

2011 Archive

Filmmaker Gordon Quinn speaks about the 45-year history of Kartemquin Films, the Chicago-based documentary house

Actor and writer Broocks Willich talks about why she chose to base her career in Charlottesville and what she hopes to bring to future festivals

Local filmmaker and actor Derek Young talks about Midnight Matinee Psycho, his tribute to several generations of grindhouse films

Director Nathan Clarke on Wrestling for Jesus

Director Nancy Buirski talks about her documentary The Loving Story which tells the story of Richard and Mildred Loving: an interracial couple who were married at a time when interracial marriage was illegal in 16 states.

Director Peter Monro and actor Erin Anderson sit with Sean McCord to discuss Days Together

UVA filmmaker Kevin Everson talks about the short films he is screening at the Virginia Film Festival

Filmmakers Ben Saunders and Joey Schihl talk about Blank Street, their documentary which connects real people to honest examples of poverty.

Local filmmaker Doug Bari talks with Sean McCord about Growing Up Cason, his tale of a multi-generational Charlottesville family. In the film, Bari interviews the siblings and pieces their story together with hundreds of family photographs.

Producer Gerardo Suanez talks about “The Box Man”, making it’s North American debut as part of the Narrative Short Films Program.

Director  Eduardo Montes-Bradley talks with Sean McCord about Evita, his exploration of the life of Eva Duarte de Perón, which screens Friday November 4, 2011 at 11:30 am at the Regal Downtown

On October 30, Virginia Film Festival Director Jody Kielbasa and Associate Programmer & Production Coordinator Wes Harris spoke about the 2011 Festival on WNRN’s Wake-Up Call with producer Sean McCord

2010 Archive

In a post-Festival discussion, Virginia Film Festival Director Jody Kielbasa joins Coy Barefoot on Charlottesville–Right Now.

In a panel discussion following a screening of AMC’s Breaking Bad, Virginia Film Festival Associate Programmer Wesley Harris speaks with show creator and writer Vince Gilligan and executive producer Mark Johnson.

Tim and Daphne Reid, long-time friends and attendees of the Virginia Film Festival, talk about the Legacy Media Institute.

Make Believe follows several teenage magicians as they learn their craft and compete at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas.

Filmmaker Joey Groah discusses Beardo the Movie, his documentary about the 2009 Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska.

Erica Arvold of the Charlottesville Virginia Production Alliance talks about her efforts to expand and market the Virginia talent pool of film professionals.

Mark Remes, director of the Virginia Production Alliance, talks about the services the VPA provides to the state’s video and film production industry.

Andrew Bell, senior historian at UVA’s Center for Politics, talks about Primary, Robert Drew’s documentary of the 1960 Democratic primary.

NYU film professor Harry Chotiner talks about his long association with the Film Festival.

Charlottesville filmmaker Meghan Eckman talks about her hit documentary, The Parking Lot Movie, based on a famed local landmark.

Paige O’Hara, Belle of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, talks about the 20th anniversary screening of the animated classic.

Randall Stith, the director of Visual & Broadcast Communications at Virginia Tech, discusses both Burning in the Sun and The Apartment.

Academy Award winning producer Mark Johnson talks about Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, a horror film written and co-produced by Guillermo del Toro, and his live commentary for an episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Charlottesville documentary filmmaker Chris Farina talks about World Peace and Other Fourth-Grade Achievements.

Stanley Nelson on his documentary Freedom Riders, which tells the story of the more than four hundred Americans who, in 1961, stared down the dangers of Deep South racial tensions to make a statement about segregation.

We speak with Yasminca Wilson, manager of the Digital Media Gallery, and Elizabeth Webb, a third-year-student whose short film is playing at the gallery.

We talk with the directors of two short films that are screening at 11:30 AM on Saturday at Newcomb Hall Theater as part of a block called “We Called, You Answered.” The interviews were conducted in the filmmaker’s lounge at Escafe on the downtown mall.

With an emphasis this year on Virginia films and filmmakers, Sean McCord spoke with Andy Edmunds of the Virginia Film Office about local offerings at this year’s Festival.

Tom Wulf’s “A Tale of Two Cities” debuts the festival this afternoon at Vinegar Hill Theater. Sean McCord spoke with Wulf to find out how he came to make a documentary about the rise and fall of Circuit City.

Gary Springer is a press agent and friend of the Virginia Film Festival. He talks about several foreign films that he is bringing to Charlottesville this year.

On October 24, Virginia Film Festival Director Jody Kielbasa spoke about the 2010 Festival on WNRN’s Wake-Up Call with producer Sean McCord .

On October 22, host Coy Barefoot spoke by phone with 2010 Virginia Film Festival Fellow Peter Bogdanovich.

2013 Virginia Film Festival

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