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Designed to engage youth in authentic film production, Young Filmmaker’s Academy (YFA) introduces students to the challenge of filmmaking.  Students work in teams to write, produce, and edit brief films around a common structure. On Family Day, VFF honors the Young Filmmakers with a red carpet experience and a screening of their films.  The 2014 Young Filmmakers assignment is The Big Screen“.

Young Filmmakers Academy 2014 Challenge Handout

Classroom teachers interested in participating in Young Filmmakers Academy should contact Jane Freeman at 434-823-4221 or  Available spaces will be awarded first come, first serve.

The Virginia Film Festival’s 2014 Community Outreach and Education Program is generously supported by the Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF).

2014 YFA Challenge: The Big Screen

What’s on your big screen? And how do you frame your story? This year the Virginia Film Festival is thinking about storytelling and how you tell the story. Bring a story to life as you collaborate with classmate s to produce a short film. Dress up in your Hollywood best, make an entrance, and invite friends and family to see YOUR movie at our Family Day screen-a-thon on November 8!

The requirements are simple:

Select a contemporary or historical person or group who interests you. Use that person or group as the focus for your story. Think about how you frame the story and the decisions you make as a filmmaker. Will you tell all of the story or just a small segment? Will you leave the audience with questions? Does the person/group have a legacy that you can define? From whose perspective will you tell the story– your perspective? the person’s perspective? an historian’s perspective? As you tell your story, incorporate a screen of some sort in your film. Think creatively about your screen– screen door, screen saver, green screen, or even a mask!

Maximum running time for your film is 2 minutes including credits– no exceptions, not even a split screen second!

Complete your film by Wednesday, October 1. Your teacher will take it from there and we’ll see you at the silver screen on November 8!

2013 Virginia Film Festival

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