Learning More About Making Movies

Tips for Encouraging Kids Who Are Really into Films and Making Movies

  • Go to films, museums, concerts, and plays of all kinds to see others’ work and inspire creativity
  • Collect costumes, props, and fabrics from yard sales, consignment shops, and Goodwill
  • Visit a local TV station to see how it’s done
  • Write stories, draw storyboards, READ
  • Get involved in team activities – Destination Imagination, sports, neighborhood projects – as filmmaking is a collaborative challenge
  • Provide equipment – camera, lights, editing software such as IMovie
  • Take a filmmaking class or camp after school or in the summer – contact LightHouse (434-293-6992) and other local schools for options
  • Look at the credits in films and learn about the different jobs involved in making a film – producer, director, screenwriter, actor, costume designer, casting director, make-up artist . . .
  • Hold a home screening in a “theatre” setting for friends and family – red (paper) carpet, dim lighting, popcorn, and applause
  • Act in a local production – community theatre, after school programs
  • Attend screenings by the Young Filmmakers Academy, LightHouse, and Music Resource Center at the Virginia Film Festival’s Family Day to see what local kids have produced!

The Virginia Film Festival’s 2013 Community Outreach and Education Program is generously supported by the Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF).

2013 Virginia Film Festival

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