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The Virginia Film Festival encourages students to take their passion for filmmaking and create an entry for ACTION! The VFF’s High School Director Competition. The 2014 ACTION! Competition is generously supported by the Virginia Film Office.

The competition is open to rising 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who are current residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Three (3) prizes are awarded to three best director or directing teams to support the winning student(s)’s continued film and filmmaker education.  The ACTION! Grand Prize is a check for $1,000, and two (2) ACTION! Runner-Up Prizes are checks of $500 each.

2014 ACTION! High School Director Competition Winners:

  • Grand Prize Winner: Magic Marker dir. Jack McCaffrey
  • Runners-Up: Lemonade Standoff dir. Saunder Boyle, Ryan Beard, Sam Crowell; Time Flies dir. Jacob Chang-Rascle

For more information contact Jane Freeman, the VFF’s Community Outreach and Education Coordinator, at janefreeman@virginia.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I know when my project violates copyright laws?

A. See copyright section below for more details.

Q. What if I was once a Virginia resident, my work was created in Virginia, and then I moved away?

A. Only films created by current Virginia residents will be considered for entry.

Q. The entry form only provides space for three directors; can we still submit a film with more than three directors?

A. Yes. However, only the three names provided on the Entry form will be recognized as the major contributors to the film. In the event that three directors win, the winning check will be split evenly between them.

Q. How do I register as a vendor for the University of Virginia’s Procurement system?

A. Once the winner and runner-ups are selected, we will contact students about the proper steps to take in order to register as a vendor for the University of Virginia’s procurement system.

Q. What sort of expectations do you have for “prize-worthy” films?

A. First and foremost, films selected as winners and runner-ups adhere to ACTION! Guidelines. Beyond that, the Virginia Film Festival encourages students to pursue their creativity and imagination.


The links provided are starting points for students to read, explore, and consider in regards to copyright issues.

Article by BBC on Music Rights:


FAQ on amateur film copyright issues, produced by BBC:


Article from NY Times about legal battle between YouTube and Warner Music Group:


Blog post that explains music copyright issues within short films:


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